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EdiTravel is only avaliable on iOS at the moment but Android is in the works


EdiTravel Features

Instant Departures

The app opens straight into the Departures Board giving you the information now


Get notified when there's severe service disruption


See the latest travel updates on Twitter from EdinTravel, Lothian Buses, Edinburgh Trams and more

Live Tracking

See where your bus or Tram is and view all buses and trams on individual routes

Take Me To...

Get directions to your next calendar event in just one tap


Or, you could get directions to anywhere you want thanks to the Google Maps API

Privacy policy and data usage

We know your data is important to you and thats why we anonymise it, no data can be traced back to a specific person

Here’s what data we collect on our server

- Your location as coordinates
- Query time and date
- App version number
- Data requests as URL’s

We use three third party services to improve our app, OneSignal for Notifications, Fabric/Crashlytics for user statistics and Google Maps for directions. The main data they collect is

- Bus stops you’ve viewed departures for
- Last active, first active, currently active, number of sessions and usage duration
- Search queries you’ve performed
- Your device such as iPhone 8,4
- Your location
- Your IP address
- Country
- App Version
- Device Rooted
- Location
- Subscription status
- Unique Device ID

Google maps is only provided with your current location and your planned destination, we pass data through our server to their directions API

Their individual privacy policies can be viewed at onesignal.com, fabric.io and google.co.uk

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